Friday, October 08, 2010

Retro Comedy Reboot!

Classic is classic.
That's why things that are called classic are called classic; because they are!
You simply can not improve upon a classic.
But you can make it better!
That's what's behind the whole reboot craze in Hollywood; taking something that's already a classic and making it better by making brand new money off of it. That's why you have reboots of Robin Hood, The Pink Panther, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Star Trek, The Karate Kid, The Incredible Hulk, The Incredible Hulk and The Incredible Hulk. A reboot is different from a remake in that you're not really making anything at all, you're just updating something that already exists and infusing it with more style. And style = excitement.

Reboots take old stories...excuse me, classic tales...and update them to fit and appeal to a more modern sensibility. Because while the classics may be great for what they were (and they are!) this generation is far more hip, savvy and sophisticated and demands more "edge" from their entertainment.

Now, you might be asking are old movies and folk tales the only things that can be rebooted? Of course not! Anything can be rebooted; songs, movies, books (probably not books) and films too! What about old jokes? Yes! You betcha those old-timey chestnuts can be dusted off, buffed to a high shine, dressed in a leather diaper and sent out into the world to amuse the world all over again. See for yourself... 

ME: Why did the little boy throw his alarm clock out of the window?

YOU: I don't know. Why?

ME: Because he has severe emotional problems and is a borderline sociopath who should never, ever, under any circumstances, be left alone with people, animals or time-keeping devices. Where is he?

YOU: I-I don't know. I think he's upstairs, playing in his room.

ME: Oh God, you're home alone with him right now? Listen to me; get out of there. Now. Just leave. Don't take anything. Go to a neighhbor's house, lock the doors and stay away from the windows. And clocks. Go! Now! Call me once you're safe there.

YOU: ...

ME: Hello? Hello?? Are you there? Hello?!?

LITTLE BOY: I'm here, Clark...

ME: Gyaaaahh!

LITTLE BOY: Tick-tock, tick-tock...

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