Friday, February 04, 2011

Foreign Art Cinema Appreciation Corner Part Deux

When I think of fighting robots and world leaders in fighting  robot technology, I used to think of the good ol' USA first followed by Japan. I don't know, maybe there's some Dolph Lundgren lookin' cyborgs clanking around an abandoned warehouse near Chernobyl. I certainly never gave any thought to India (or Canada, for that matter). Well, guess what? India has gotten hold of an Awesome Dial and apparently that sucker goes all the way to 11. Check it out...
This is from a film called "Endhiran" and it's the story of a robot who gets struck by lightning, which is wont to happen, and goes berserk, which is also wont to happen. The clip opens with a guy in a suit insering some item that more sensible people obviously warned him about as evidenced by the "Oh no he didn't!" looks exchanged by the dweebie techies behind him.  But guys in suits don't get to be in charge of robot factories by listening to the namby-pamby advice of pussies concerned about potential property damage and loss of life, so up yours, hippie. Cut to the robot involved in the kind of mayhem that would make Megatron soil himself, highlighted by the looks on the faces of the police or the army or whoever they are when they realize they now know what doom looks like,
By the time the robot (named Ghitti) multiplies into a few hundred versions of itself and turns into a giant, car-eating snake, it's apparent that it's just showing off. And do you know why? Because it can. There's probably more to the plot and since it is an Indian film, there are probably at least a couple of musical song-and-dance numbers. But who cares? There could be a 20 minute medley of Cole Porter songs interpreted by synchronized swimmers and this would still be the best fighting robot movie since T2.
Seriously, India; this is Bad Ass! Well done!

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