Wednesday, October 04, 2017

My gift to women

I'm old, so I'm old fashioned.
As such, I consider myself a gentleman and believe a gentleman should give gifts to ladies.
My most recent example of this was the other day in a parking garage. A woman and I were both on the fourth floor, waiting for the elevator. When it got there, I pretended I suddenly needed to be on my phone and let her take it by herself.
Why? Because I know for many women, being in an elevator with somebody like me, even for a few seconds (the time it takes to go down four floors) is a waking nightmare. That's justified in that bad things happen often enough in scenarios like that where you have to question why a woman wouldn't dread it. I can say I'm a good guy who would never hurt a woman, but do you know who also says that? Bad guys who hurt women. Maybe this particular woman didn't have any anxiety about being confined in a tight space with a big, ugly creep for a few seconds, but the safe bet is that she would feel better otherwise.
You're welcome, ladies.

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