Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lights out!

I was sitting around here tonight doing whatever it is I do when I'm sitting around here at night while a pretty major thunderstorm was taking place outside (in case you didn't know, Tampa Bay is considered the lightning capital of the united states, if not the world). The lights flickered a couple of times and then went out completely. I happened to be looking outside when that happened and I saw a bright, orange glow from around the corner I recognized instantly as something that is on fire that normally isn't on fire because it's not supposed to be on fire. It died right out so I didn't panic but it was obvious that a transformer had blown and the lights were not going to be coming on again any time soon so I did a quick threat assessment and inventory of available resources: "Let's see, I've already determined the building probably isn't on fire. I'm inside, the food in the 'fridge will be fine as long as I don't open the door every 15 minutes and I'm pretty sure it's ok to use the toilet during a thunderstorm so I'm in good shape. Now, what do I have here to keep me amused/alive until things are back to normal? A working cell phone, a lit candle and a fully charged iPod. Hell, I'm set!"
It was immediately after that where I revealed myself as just another typical, stupid, suburban 21st century meat puppet. Because while sitting in the dark listening to the iPod and watching the storm outside I found myself considering the following options:
  • "Might as well catch up on some reading. Oh wait..."
  • "I wonder what's on tv?"
  • "I can update the blog. No, no I can't."
  • "This place could use a good vacuuming. D'oh!"
  • "I wonder what's on tv?"
  • "Can't update the blog but I could just visit some websi...damn it!"
  • "With all this time on my hands, there's no excuse not to practice reading tab and working on those chords. Well, other than the fact that I can't see and I'm an idiot"
  • "Well, even if I can't access the web, I could at least check my email. Although there is no email if there is no e, now is there dummy?"
  • "I wonder what's on tv?"

And yes, every single time I got up and went to another room, I did hit the lightswitch.

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