Monday, April 28, 2014

Hey dink

This dink shows up at the Chicago White Sox game against the Tampa Bay Rays yesterday and proceeds to take his seat right behind home plate. What makes him a dink is that he's wearing Chicago Blackhawks stuff. The Blackhawks are a hockey team. This was a baseball game. The Chicago Blackhawks were not playing there. Because they're a hockey team. There would be no goals, no icing, no face offs, no crosschecking. Not one of any of those things. Because it was a baseball game, a game that is inherently not hockey in that it is baseball.
Cripes, look at him.
What a dink.
Sorry. He might be a wonderful human being, reading to orphans and curing cancer when he isn't at a game, but the choice of entirely inappropriate attire makes him a dink. He wasn't the only one there wearing Blackhawks stuff. However, he was the only one with a seat behind home plate meaning he was on TV for every single pitch. This confirms and locks in his dink-ness. There is info out there about jersey etiquette but common sense should tell you that you don't wear hockey stuff to a baseball game. You don't get dressed, saying, "I'm going to a sports thing, I guess I can wear any sports stuff I want". No. That's silly and doesn't make any sense. You wear baseball stuff to baseball games, football stuff to football games and hockey stuff to hockey games. You want to wear your Blackhawks stuff? Go to a Blackhawks game or a place where they're showing it on TV (if it's out of town). Wear the right stuff to the right place.
Yes, I know the game was in Chicago.
Yes, I know the Blackhawks are in the playoffs and that the entire city of Chicago is out of its mind over the Blackhawks right now.
Yes, the same playoffs from which the Tampa Bay Lightning were eliminated last week.
What? No, I'm not bitter!
Shut up.
And get the hell out of there, you dink.

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