Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Inspired by the accomplishments of others, I've finally decided to take a semi-serious shot at dropping some weight ("Hey, I thought he was already divorced. Hi-yo!!"). I tried Slim-Fast once but didn't really see any results. Possibly because I would add heaping spoonfuls of Nestle's Quik to thicken it up, pour it over a gallon of chocolate chip ice cream and then eat it with a garden trowel. In hindsight, I realize now my level of commitment was probably not where it needed to be.
I'm trying it again because I've finally come to the conclusion that I can no longer eat like a kid all the time. I'm ok with that because I'm childish enough in other aspects of my life to more than compensate. Plus, I think the way the Slim-Fast plan is set up is perfect for my lazy, convenience-and-desire-for-instant-gratification driven lifestyle: Slim-Fast for breakfast and lunch and a "reasonable" dinner. Perfect! Even I have enough discipline to stick with that. So if it works at all, I should reap some benefits.
The timing was perfect for this, being as the holiday and fried cheese (state fair, strawberry festival) seasons are both over and my fridge was empty. So last night I went to the grocery store and loaded up on Slim Fast, skim milk and some "reasonable" menu items (I'm allowing myself to define "reasonable" as "items that are not fundamentally breading, gravy or bleu cheese dressing-based in nature") as well as bananas, grapes and carrots to snack on.
So anyway, we'll see how that goes.


janey jay said...

You go, Clark. That's awesome.

If it's any consolation, I also define "reasonable" in a similar manner. Which is why I'm on the NutriSystem. I needed to have my crayons taken away because I colored waaaay to far outside the lines for Slim-Fast. I do better with tough love.

I suspect you will do much better than I did.

Marissa said...

I feel the need to chew. I can't brave the madness of Slim-fast.

I think it's stupendous that you're jumping into the ring that is weight loss.

Eat to live; not live to eat. I do believe, however, the person who said that never had 'junk' pizza washed down with icey cold brewskies.