Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Looks like I... made it?

Sometimes I post jokes on Twitter. In doing so, I've always been aware that I was kind of casting them out into the world of public domain, where there's a threat that they could be poached by anybody who might seem so inclined to do so. I never really worried about it, though. It was something I knew could happen but didn't really expect it to happen, I guess.
You would think that I wouldn't be surprised by what I came across the other day...

This was what I posted to Twitter on July 13:

And yesterday (Monday, July 18), I stumbled across this on Facebook:
But I was surprised.
Wow. Verbatim! My joke, stolen, completely word-for-word.
I guess this means I've crossed over some kind of writer-ly, comedy threshold. Like Michelle Obama, I've been plagiarized! Like anybody who catches the attention of Josh "The Fat Jew" Ostrovsky, I've been ripped off! Should I be pissed off or honored? Because I'm a little bit both. Honored, because on some level, the idea of someone thinking enough of something I wrote that they would want to steal it, leave my name off of it and attempt to pass it off as their own is flattering. But pissed off because, well, you didn't write that, motherfucker. 
More pissed than honored, actually. 
Yeah, definitely pissed.

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