Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I have nothing for you today, except this video of a dog playing the trombone. Enjoy.

I'm sick.
Actually, I'm better. Thanks for asking. But I was sick, for, like, five days.
As such, I haven't been writing.
As such, I don't have any non-suck material for you.
Had I been writing and presented that to you here today, it's highly likely that it would have been confusing and/or disappointing, which is always a risk when it comes to this. But the difference is I'm not up to being interrogated about it or analyzing it after the fact, as though I'm presenting a thesis or releasing a Beatles album or something.

So yeah, sorry about that.

Here's a ten-second video of a dog playing the trombone to compensate you for your loss.
 If you believe a dog can play a trombone, you should have no trouble believing he can read sheet music too. Not my dog, not my trombone, not my sheet music. Don't give me any shit about that either, please.

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