Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Reactions and how to (mis)manage them

The other day, I got this message via my web site:

Name (redacted)
Email (redacted)
Subject writers
Message Hi Clark, I’m a comedy writer who lives in Largo. I’m touching base to see if you ever have a use for writers or cartoons in your act and merchandising. If so, I’d like to visit with you. .If you are interested, I can provide a writing resume, samples, etc. I hope to hear back from you. Sincerely, (redacted)

This message was submitted from your website contact form:

Hmm. I'm conflicted over how I feel about this. Here are the ego-driven reactions fighting for attention in my ego-driven head:

How dare someone suggest that I need anything in terms of help! I'm a home run hitter! I score touchdowns! Look at my track record! Look at my deployment of sports metaphors!

This guy thinks he can offer help to me? This guy, who started a sentence with a period...

...thinks he's in position to offer guidance to me as a writer? Scoffity scoff scoff!

I shared this with the unfailingly-wise Vivienne Brown, whose reaction was "Someone is looking at you like a paycheck". Gosh, me? Someone sees me as a star to which they want to hitch their wagon!

Maybe I should consider hiring him. I should at least look at his resume. Am I perfect? Of course not. There's always room for improvement, after all. Even Hank Aaron had hitting coaches. Not that he ever needed to listen to them...

Of course I need to hire someone to help me. I suck.

Merchandising? Hmm. T-shirts and action figures and shit? Hmmmmmm...

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