Sunday, November 25, 2007

A new beginning

My last day at my old job was Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) and I start my new job tomorrow. So technically, I am currently unemployed. I'm excited about tomorrow but a little apprehensive at the same time. While I think this will be a good change for me, the potential is there for this to be the biggest mistake of my life, a situation I've been in before. Such as...

1978: Given the choice of attending school in St. Joseph or Benton Harbor, I chose Benton Harbor.

  • Potential for disaster: Pretty high. Benton Harbor is a rough place and was once listed as the worst place to live in the nation by Money magazine. The sorry state of the school system is indicative of the quality of life there.
  • Outcome: Pretty good, I think. Going to school as a minority (Benton Harbor is 92% black according to figures from the last census) was an educational experience in itself that would not have been available in St. Joseph and definitely influenced many of my philosophical beliefs. That's negated by the fact that high school sucked. Of course, it probably would have sucked anywhere, so who knows.

1982: I joined the Army

  • Potential for disaster: Beyond huge. Any time a fundamental element of your job description is kill and/or be killed, the possibility of something going as bad as possible is significant.
  • Outcome: Outstanding!! We didn't go to war and I got paid to go to Europe which means I got to get drunk and sick in places I'd never have seen if not for the Army. Thanks taxpayers!

1986: Upon leaving the Army, I had the choice of staying in Benton Harbor or moving to Florida with my parents. I chose to move.

  • Potential for disaster: Meager, at worst. I didn't know anybody in Florida at the time but it wasn't like I had tons of close friends in Benton Harbor.
  • Outcome: Also outstanding. I love it here now and don't miss my old home town at all.

1987: I get married

  • Potential for disaster: Pretty big. Marriage is basically a crap shoot but I always figured I'd be a pretty good guy to be married to.
  • Outcome: Oops.

So, all things considered, I've come out on top more often than not so I feel good about this choice. Of course, keep watching this space to see how it turns out.

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Gadzooks64 said...


I have a friend from Benton Harbor - still lives there as a matter of fact.

He might be older than you, though.

Email me at gadzooksatgmaildotcom and I'll give you his name.