Friday, September 09, 2011

Last day to vote, if you're into that kind of thing

And I'm hoping you are!
Today is the last day to cast votes in CBS Tampa's Most Valuable Blogger Awards contest. This blog is nominated under the category of Dining/Entertainment and I would sincerely appreciate your vote. I'm also hoping you vote for my freinds, and worthwhile nominees regardless of their poor choice in friends, Dawn Morgan's "Tampa Do Gooder" in the category of Local Affairs and Catherine Durkin Robinson's "Out in Left Field" under Lifestyle.
I'm probably getting way ahead of myself here, but having never won an award, I wonder what will happen if I do. I already know how to lose; winning is uncharted territory. Of course, I'll need to be humble and gracious but surely some kind of celebratory demonstration is allowed. Do I give strangers in the street a high-five? Do I have to thank anybody besides those of you who vote for me? Can I call up some of my old teachers at 4am and thell them to suck it? Should I commission an oil painting of myself and the award? This is lot to think about and I'm not sure I took everything into consideration before I asked you all to vote. Maybe I should just declare that I don't want to win. That way I won't be disappointed when if I lose. I'll also look really cool with my newly established artistic credibility ("awards are so gauche"). Plus, if I do win, I don't have to thank anybody!
Yeah, I think that may be the way to go.
Oh, but by all means, please go ahead and vote anyway.


Anonymous said...

The only perk that I've ever found to winning one of these things - people approach and argue with you at Publix or the local library. So have fun with that. :-)

Unknown said...

I can't wait!