Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Support local artists...for your sake, not theirs

Don't you think you deserve better?
Regular readers know that sometimes I get a little evangelical when it comes to trying to drum up support for local, independent artists, be they musicians or writers or whatever. It occurs to me that this preaching could be perceived as schilling on behalf of people who might not merit such attention. After all, if they were any good, you'd have heard of them somewhere else, right?
Today, I'm going to pitch you once again on the benefit of supporting these local artists but I'd like you to consider it from another angle: yours.

Word is circulating that a major Hollywood studio might be developing either a remake of or a sequel to The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. The original was released in 1987 and was intended to cash in on a craze that was popular among kids at the time. However, it was a critical and financial failure.

Now, here is what I would like you to think about:

It's not a stretch to assume that this studio probably receives several brand-new screenplays every week. Yet, they would rather invest in a project that failed over 20 years ago, when the subject matter was at least relevant to the small audience to which it would have appealed at the time.
Do you really think that not one of those unknown screenplays might have been more worthy?
Do you really think that only one movie studio operates like this?
Do you really think that this only happens with the movie industry?

My only point is that there could be some good stuff out there that these big companies can't or won't deliver to your door. You owe it to yourself to go out and find it.

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