Monday, September 08, 2014

Blowing my own horn

Hey there.
Things are going pretty well for me these days. I hope that's the same for you. If it isn't, I hope things change and soon. Let me know if I can help. As I mentioned, I'm doing okay so I don't need anything.
If you've ever seen the movie "Groundhog Day", I feel like Bill Murray's character Phil Connors toward the end of the film. Not at the very end, but about 15 or 20 minutes before the credits roll. It's not that he's given up really, but more like he's finally accepted what he has come to believe is his lot in life. He's no longer angry about every single thing or holding expectations of everything going his way or trying to scam his way through the day and get over on people. Instead, he is dedicated to making the best of the one day he has and he's at peace with it. As a result, good things happen to him and around him. It sounds really simple but for whatever reason, it's been a difficult lesson for him to learn. Now though, it's finally starting to sink in and if there's no reward above and beyond that, it's all right. It's good enough. I kind of feel like that, if that makes sense. If not, watch the movie and enjoy it on its own merit and forget I said anything about it, okay? Cool.
Anyway, there seems to be lots of really pretty good things happening for me right now. Such as this...
Recently, I interviewed former Tampa Bay Lightning general manager (and current Executive Director of Community Hockey Development for the same organization) Jay Feaster on behalf of Raw Charge. I like to think that we as a group at RC conduct ourselves professionally and have established some credibility. Still, it's a blog, we are bloggers and unfortunately, there's still something of a stigma that comes with that in the minds of some people (specifically, many of those in, and who support, the mainstream media). Jay was the NHL's executive of the year in 2004, the year the team he built brought the Stanley Cup to Tampa Bay. He's a well-respected figure throughout the game so this was a pretty big "get" for us, which was reason alone to feel pretty good. Then, the day the interview was published, this showed up on Twitter:
Positive feedback is always tremendous but you simply can't expect or even hope for an endorsement like this. You can bet there are more than a few established mainstream journalists who can't say they have been granted full access to somebody like Jay Feaster.

So yeah, pretty great. But wait, there's more!

Because then Pro Hockey Talk got involved:
"Over at SB Nation, Bolts blog Raw Charge has a lengthy, interesting Q&A with former Lightning GM (and current executive director of community hockey development)..." 
Pro Hockey Talk is a direct offshoot of NBC Sports. The NBC Sports that covers the Olympics, Notre Dame Football and Bob Costas's sweater vests. No, my name doesn't appear on Pro Hockey Talk but there's a direct link back to the story I wrote. There are hockey bloggers out there who will never sniff recognition from NBC Sports. Not that I'm better than any of them but there I am. Which is also pretty damn great.

I don't know. I think this stuff is kind of a big deal and it makes me feel good about myself, so I figured I'd share it.

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Unknown said...

And now the world knows what we know, that you're pretty fantastic. Good listener and great story teller. Kudos