Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Brooks family pride

You know, I'm always proud and happy to be a member of the Brooks family. Who wouldn't be? I consider my dad to have been a pretty great man. My mom was certainly a good person. My sister isn't currently in jail. I don't think she is... no, pretty sure she's good.
And that's just my immediate family!
When you get into the extended branches of the family tree, you find some pretty remarkable people...

My Uncle Mel is responsible for some of the funniest movies ever made. He remains consistently hilarious to this day.

Cousin Derrick won a Super Bowl as a linebacker with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was recently elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and is active in the Tampa Bay community.

And then the other day, cousin Garth, a country crooner of some renown, did this...

Yep, some fine folks in the Brooks family. And our family reunions are a blast.

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