Friday, November 28, 2014

Clark's Favorite Things 2014 (Part VII of VII)

Thanksgiving, the holiday where we express gratitude for all the things we have in our life is followed immediately by Black Friday, the holiday where we aren't afraid to trample a bitch in order to get our hands on all the things we don't have in our life. That's today, and not coincidentally, it's the last day of Clark's Favorite Things 2014. Today, my favorite things you can buy from people without camping out in front of a store or otherwise going out into a melee, things you can buy from independent artists and writers from the comfort of your internet.


Ronny has been around a while and has produced a lot of music. Go here, take a listen and if you like it, scoop some up! I'm partial to his latest, "I've Been Meaning To Write" because I sing on that one. Oh, I'm sorry, did I not mention that before? Yes, yes I did. Also, check out the album's review on


"TONI has her pick of any musician who plays the Brooklyn club L'Amour, but the man she wants, guitarist DON LYDEN, remains out of her reach. In order to get one night with Don, Toni must help aging rocker-turned-party producer MARIUS MAN add to his groupie harem." Sound sexy? Hell yeah it does! Pick up your copy of the steamy heavy metal page turner here. And learn more about author Ann Brandt here.


"There’s something so effortless about Rebekah Pulley’s songwriting, whether she’s waxing poetic on “Sweet Life,” her raw, honeyed-silk vocals harmonizing with the lower-register murmur of partner/frequent collaborator Rob Pastore against rambling, piano-driven violin-kissed melodies; crooning soulfully about wanting love and drugs to a doo-wop shuffle in “The Drug Song”; or relating a wry story in strung-together spoken-sung verses about a woman seeking salvation and finding a lot of “Hard Times” instead, the strains of sliding pedal steel and acoustic guitar winding together gently and riding an easy chugging rhythm." - from a review of her most recent album, "Tralala" in Creative Loafing (Tampa). Buy it here.


"This is short, but an entertaining read to pass a few hours or a weekend. It's odd to see the outcast character as the straight-man in many instances, but isn't that always the case?" - from a review at Buy it here.


"... a deeply personal CD, pulling at your collar and tugging at your sleeves long after the first play. The music is wonderful and the lyrics are intelligent, sometimes funny and often times deeply moving." - from's review of her album "Nest".  Her official site with links to listen to and buy her music is here.


"Oh, what a huge surprise. Once again he's flogging that damned book of his. Who saw that coming? Sheesh." - from you guys
Hey! Come on! Like I'm going to spend two weeks on a "My Favorite Things" and not include my own book? Seriously? Look, it's the only book I've ever written (so far...hint, hint). Of course it's going to be my favorite! And check it out, if you order from right now, you can a great deal. Everybody wins!!

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