Friday, April 28, 2017

"Don't Let This Happen To You!"

Have you ever seen a dolphin swimming freely in the wild and thought,
"Man, fuck that fish"?
I never have but maybe you're a sociopath and/or you work for SeaWorld.

If that's the case and you need a plumber, there's only one service I can recommend:

Chris's Plumbing Service
"A local plumbing company has put in a permit request to Hillsborough County to dump up to 50,000 gallons of human waste a day on property near the Little Manatee River." -
Not just any local plumbing company, Chris's Plumbing Service!
"Chris’s Plumbing removes waste from septic tanks and portable bathrooms. The permit would allow them to spread the waste on an 80 acre parcel of land, just south of State Road 674."
Wow! That sure is a lot of shit! defines "toxic waste" as:
"A general term used to refer to chemical compounds produced by industry which, if they are ingested or breathed in by humans, can cause physiological damage. The disposal of toxic wastes is a major environmental problem in the United States."
Another way to define toxic waste is "human waste products and restaurant grease dumped in an area where there's a pretty high likelihood of it running off into the area where you live." If you disagree with that definition, ask yourself this question: exactly how much human waste and restaurant grease would you tolerate running off into the area where you live before you called it toxic waste?"
"We would like zero human waste and restaurant grease, please"
Shut up, smart and friendly sharks. That was a rhetorical question and it wasn't for you.

If you want to talk shit with Chris's Plumbing Service and how poisoning dolphins (and snook, redfish, blue crabs, tarpon, diamondback terrapins, seahorses, otters, manatees and human beings) will save them lots of money, which they will almost certainly pass along to you, the handful of surviving customers, give 'em a call at
(813) 623-6380
Or contact them at their office located at
6404 US Hwy 301 South
Riverview, FL 33569
Or their web site at

What fun!
Hey, here's more people you can talk to about it, specifically the people who will be voting on the matter:
Stacy White -
Sandy Murman -
Al Higginbotham -
Ken Hagan -
Victor Crist -
Les Miller -
Pat Kemp -

You can also reach these people on the phone by calling (813) 272-5660 

Be sure to reference “Special Use permit application SU 17-0510, by Chris’s Plumbing Services, inc.”

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