Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Faith in humanity re-restored...unfortunately

One night last week, I was feeling a little down about the state of humanity. It's something I go through from time to time and it seems harder and harder to feel good about lately. Granted, it could be my fault for having unfairly high standards for people, which sets me up for inevitable disappointment. I just think that we (people) can usually do better, just in general, in our day-to-day lives and how we interact with one another, and it bothers me when we (people) don't even make a half-assed attempt to do so.
Thankfully, when I was just about at my lowest ebb, somebody shared this article:
"28 People Who Are Too Good And Too Pure For This World"

There were some truly heartwarming stories in there and it worked! I felt much better!
And then I made the terrible mistake of going back to regular Facebook, where the very first status update I saw was this...
"We went to eat yesterday and I ordered nachos.... they came with no cheese on them... I had to ask the guy for cheese... so it came back with cheese on it that wasn't even melted. That is wrong. If you have never had nachos, you shouldn't be in the kitchen trying to make them."
Well, so much for that. From people doing beautiful, creative, compassionate things to somebody bitching at length about the injustice and resultant trauma they suffered because of poorly applied cheese on their fucking nachos in .5 seconds.

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