Monday, September 22, 2008

Clark Brooks: Soundtrack composer

Check out this (extremely) short film...

That's MY song!! I can not (or rather, will not) identify who any of the characters in the film are, or even what the hell is going on, but...THAT'S MY SONG! See where it says "Soundtrack" and "Artist" in the little, classic MTV-style credit box in the bottom left corner at the :29 mark? THAT'S MINE AND ME!!

Who wants to buy my album*? Who wants to download it illegally and not pay shit for it? Who wants me to score their less-than-sixty-second-long film? Who wants to set up a web site that chronicles the minutiae of my life and celebrates the magnitude of me as a modern renaissance man in a desperate plea for some kind of love and attention, or even just a little significance?
Oh, wait a minute....

* Yes, I have one.

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