Thursday, September 04, 2008

This suits me fine

Men's Wearhouse, the largest men's dress apparel retailer in the United States, has launched a charitable initiative designed to help men who need help seeking employment.

"For many unemployed men, a new suit is the first step toward a second chance. During the National Suit Drive, every one of our over 550 stores will be collecting gently used professional attire to benefit at-risk men and youth transitioning into the workforce. All clothing we receive will be distributed throughout the community by local nonprofit organizations."
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This sounds like a fine idea, especially considering just how dire the job market is right now. The fact is, the kind of professional image an individual projects could very well be the deciding factor in whether they get a job or not.

The only problem I see with it, and I'm sure the odds of it happening are infinitesimal, is what if you were applying for a job and you lost it to some guy wearing one of your old suits? Man, that would be the karmic equivalent of prison rape.

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