Saturday, September 06, 2008

i STILL h8 txt msgs

Nothing's changed. I'm just particularly annoyed with a certain aspect of text messaging right this minute: the "auto complete" feature on my phone. Like text messaging itself, it's supposed to be a convenience and a time saver but in reality, it's neither. What's supposed to happen is, as you begin typing a word, the phone anticipates what you're going to say and presents that word to you. If that's the word you want, you can select it without typing out the whole thing. Great, right? Wrong.

For instance, today I received a question via text message and the answer was "ketchup & mustard".
  • Typing KET it suggested "kettle".
  • Adding C and H and U and P it never suggested anything. Is "ketchup" really that uncommon a term? I bet if you were playing Family Feud and the topic was condiments, it would be a top five answer. I can't imagine the word "kettle" comes up all that frequently in conversation among techno savvy 21st century Americans. Although to be fair, neither does Family Feud.
  • Typing MUS it suggested "must".
  • Adding T it suggested "musty".
  • Adding A it suggested "mustache". How often do people need to text the word "mustache" that the phone company would decide to include that in the basic vocabulary? Plus, how hard would it be to make this program evaluate context in order to offer better suggestions? I just typed "ketchup" (no thanks to you, phone). Why in the world would I want to type "ketchup & mustache"?
  • After adding R it finally came up with "mustard". The handy dandy auto complete feature saved me the trouble of typing one letter.

Man, I really hate text messaging.

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