Monday, October 25, 2010

Come and knock on our door...

Something strikes me as odd about the whole Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill/Virginia Thomas thing that blew up last week...

Why in the hell does Virginia Thomas have Anita Hill's phone number? 

Somebody I mentioned this to said that she probably kept it because she never got over her hurt feelings around the relationship between her husband and Ms. Hill when those two were introduced as America's Sweethearts 19 years ago. Well, maybe. But I believe that 19 years is exactly the maximum amount of time that someone should be allowed to be pissed off about something before getting over it. Think about it: when you were 19, were you still upset about whatever it is that bothered you when you were an infant? You probably didn't even remember being upset. You were though. Ask your mom. She has pictures (and they're adorable). Yes, 19 years should be the statute of limitations for getting over stuff because if you can't resolve hurt feelings in the time that passes between conceiving a child and the day that child is old enough to serve in the armed forces, there's something wrong with you beyond whatever hurt your feelings (exceptions to this statute would be slavery, the Holocaust and having European settlers steal your continent, because they're kinda culturally grandfathered in at this point).
Besides, I'm less concerned with why she has the phone number now than I am about why she had it in the first place. All I can picture is an awkward conversation while waiting for an elevator at the Supreme Court hearings:
"Well, that was...weird."
"Listen, uh, I..."
"Nothing! I didn't do a thing! Look, I'm way over here! Geez! What?"
"Oh, sorry...I just thought you were going to say something..."
"No! Well, nothing...important, or anything. No big deal."
"What is it?"
"I was just know, if you want...we could, you know, keep in touch or something."
"I mean, we have a crazy history, you and me. Shared experiences and stuff..."
"I don't know. No big deal. Forget it."
"Clarence, what would your wife think about that?"
"Ginny? She's down! In fact, it was her idea!"
"Oh yeah! Totally!"
"Well, I guess that's not strange or anything then. Sure, here's my private phone number."

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