Friday, December 24, 2010

Buy the book: I'm a real, live author!

24 hours from now, I will be spending yet another holiday toiling away at my meaningless "job", performing unimportant tasks on behalf of an unappreciative employer in exchange for insultingly meager monetary compensation. But today, I'm gonna party like I'm David Sedaris! Because today, I'm celebrating the publishing of a book for which I was a contributing author!
The Handbook of the Writer Secret Society, edited by the brilliant Carrie Bailey of Peevish Penman Press, is available for sale as an ebook at and even overseas at (that means it's available in english and English!). What is it? Just like the title says, it's a secret handbook for writers!

"The Handbook of The Writer Secret Society isn’t a how to book. There’s nothing on prose, or character development in there. What it is, is a shot in the arm for anyone who feels their writing confidence flagging, or that they’re the only one out there struggling with their creative impulses." -- from a review by Andrew Jack
Here's a brief trailer...

Just to be clear, this is not the National Novel Writing Month project I worked on in November (that's months, years, decades from seeing the light of day) and this isn't entirely "my" book, in that I didn't write the whole thing. I contributed, along with Andy Livingstone, Tony Noland, L Bushman and JJ McConnachie. It was edited by Carrie Bailey and Winonah Drake. Here, I'll just copy and paste what I wrote...
Oops! I forgot, I can't do that. There are contracts and lawyers and everything. Sorry. I'm still a relative novice at this whole "publish-not-for-free" concept.
So anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, one and all!
(PS: You know what's a great last-minute gift idea? An ebook. Just puttin' that out there)

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