Monday, December 13, 2010

A new holiday tradition

I was thinking recently, what is this blog missing? What would make it better? What would enhance the overall entertainment experience for my loyal, discerning readers? I mean, aside from worthwhile, well-written content that serves some kind of purpose. The answer (aside from that whole thing) was obvious: an animated holiday special! Charlie Brown has one. The Grinch has one. The Simpsons have some. Even freakin' Garfield had one. Now I got one! This fills me with pride, joy and Christmas cheer and I look forward to years from now when people will tell me they grew up watching it year after year as kids with their families. The only snag is it's totally inappropriate for children, so there's that. Oh well.

BONUS CHRISTMASITUDE: By popular demand from RottenMom, here's this...
Merry Christmas! From me, my sweet-ass jacket and my watermelon slush from Sonic


ChrisRedd said...

I took one of your earlier entries and did this on XtraNormal and spent an afternoon (I should have been working) and got it all set up but if kept failing to publish...then I found out you had to pay for it and said, oh...maybe later :) Glad you found it and I look forward to your Kwanzaa and Boxing Day entries!

RottenMom said...

I'm thinking if every guy had a sweet-ass Santa jacket like yours they might be getting a lot of sweet-ass Christmas action.

The watermelon slush just makes it all that much better!

I LOVE YOU for doing this!

Renee said...

OK. I'm dying laughing. That is some good stuff right there!