Monday, January 16, 2012

Much ado about Tebow

When it comes to Tim Tebow, you either love him or you hate him. Unless you're like me and largely ambivalent about the whole situation and the kind of person who blows up the premise he set up with his first sentence by contradicting it with his second.
I'm probably more pro than con, though. I wouldn't say I'm a fan in that I don't have a rooting interest in any team he's ever played for but I certainly don't wish him any ill will. He seems like a nice enough guy. And heaven knows I find all the ruckus around him entertaining.

This is what some of you look like when you talk about Tim Tebow, and you need to know that about yourselves.
 I'm not questioning anybody's right to like or not like something or somebody. I don't do that anymore. Hey, if that's what you enjoy, have at it. What I don't understand is why those who don't like him have such a nasty, vitriolic edge that seems to go well beyond criticism of his abilities and even rooting interests. His critics say he's not a good quarterback in that he isn't technically proficient. They'll tell you they don't like Tebow because he's overhyped and not that good. Since when do we care about that? Do you expect me to believe that after 83 billion McDonald's hamburgers served, 11 years of American Idol and "Whitney" being renewed for a second season, we're suddenly going to draw the line of good taste? At Tim Tebow? Just file this one under Yet More Things I Just Don't Understand.

"Me neither"
This is a particularly annoying co-worker telling me (unsolicited) about his disdain for Tim Tebow:
Co -worker: You wanna know why I hate Tim Tebow?
Me: Oh, more than anything.
Co-worker: Because the media talks about him constantly.
Me: So do you, but I hate you for that, not him.
Co-worker: You hate me because I don't like Tebow?
Me: I'm just kidding. I hate you for other reasons. Lots of 'em.
Co-worker: That's a really, really horrible thing to say about someone. I've never done anything to you.
Me: Has Tim Tebow ever done anyything to you?
Co-worker: That's completely different.
Me: How? How exactly is it different?
Co-worker: Because Tebow SUCKS!
Me: If you were in my position, you'd see that it really isn't different at all.

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