Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Amazing Spider-foot!

This is the blog post that will FINALLY
get Quentin Tarantino's attention!
The other day, a co-corker got bit by a spider or something. No, not at work, although that would have upped the excitement around it considerably. It happened over the weekend when she was at someone's outdoor wedding. By Monday, her foot had swollen up pretty bad (see photo). The redness and swelling was halfway up her foot when she got to work and had almost reached her ankle a couple of hours later. After getting feedback from concerned colleagues, she finally went to the doctor. I did my best to help.
  • "Hey, let's all make pen marks on your leg, guessing how high up the poison goes by lunch time. Winner gets a prize!"
  • "If we can believe 50 years of comic books, a series of successful movies and one overblown Broadway musical, you are going to be having some fantastic adventures soon."
  • "In the event that it needs to be amputated, definitely opt for a peg leg. Instant street cred during Gasparilla!"
As she left, I sang a song...

Spider-foot, Spider-foot 
She's got poison inside her foot
Got bit up at a wedding, should have watched where she was treading
Look out, here comes the Spider-foot!

In case you're concerned about her and thought I was being insensitive, relax, she's fine. I'm watching her scamper around on the ceiling above me at this very moment.

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