Friday, February 07, 2014

Checking in with the happy couple

Do you remember Tom and Rachel, the couple I married at Jimbo's Pit BBQ back in October? Well, they are still married! That was over three whole months ago, which means I am very good at marrying. You should keep that in mind if you're planning on getting married. Ooh, I will marry you so hard. I will marry you all night long!!
For Christmas, Tom and Rachel had me over for dinner (shrimp boil!) at the home they moved into after getting married. Dinner was great (shrimp boil!) and the house is lovely. It's got a caged pool and a rec room. It's really nice. Of course, things being hectic as they are these days, they're still in the process of making it over into their home. One of the areas they have yet to make over is the bathroom adjacent to the rec room.
RACHEL: "Please try not to notice the wallpaper. It's horrible and embarrassing."
ME: "Hey, no problem."
(approximately four minutes later)
ME: "Rachel, I noticed the wallpaper. It's horrble and embarrassing."
RACHEL: "I told you!"
ME: "I'm afraid you know what has to happen now."
RACHEL: "Oh God, please don't blog about it. We're replacing it soon!"
ME: "I'm sorry. I've already taken pictures. There's nothing that can be done now."
RACHEL: "(Sigh) All right. Fine."
Rachel, unfortunately, know how things work. Anyway, here are the pics. Enjoy and have a great weekend!
First of all, in my own defense, I'd like to know how I was not supposed to notice this?

I mean, considering that it was everywhere. Did someone wearing a muumuu explode?

I'm told there's a cabinet in here somewhere. I think you have to hit a secret panel or maybe tilt one of those soap dishes to open it.


Tom said...

Man, that is some nice wallpaper! Who ever lives there much have great taste!

Micki Herman said...

This is some lovely wall paper, It makes you happy just sitting there!!

SpikeOnThe Mic said...

Reminds me of the hit show... Laugh In...

Jeff Hickmott said...

Boy, that's some"Unbelievable" wallpaper they got there.

Marissa Rapier said...

OMG. Our 3rd bedroom and my bedroom have equally shameful wallpaper. I rent. Therefore, I accept no credit. I can post pics if you'd like lol