Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Interview: Spike "Spike on the Mic" Slater

The podcast was so nice, we're doing it (at least) twice!
That's right, once again we take a break from the keyboard and get behind the microphone with the return of The Ridiculously Inconsistent Podcast (or TRIP if you like unintentionally cool acronyms). This month, in honor of Black History Month, I'm talking to an actual black guy, a guy who is no stranger to the microphone, the legendary Spike Slater. Spike is the host of the award-deserving "Spike on the Mic Show"*, a show that I appear on fairly regularly, but he's been a part of the local radio landscape here in Tampa Bay for the better part of the last decade. He's also the last black man to kiss me.

Give this one a listen and learn how the two of us tackle all of the issues between white and black people (mixed results, at best) as well as all kinds of things you didn't know about Spike himself. THIS is the definitive Spike interview (in case there are other ones out there).

* On a related note, consider this your personal invitation to check out the "Spike on the Mic Show" itself. We broadcast live from Pin Chasers Bowling Center at 4847 N. Armenia Avenue in Tampa Monday nights at 7PM. You can pick it up live at You can be a part of it by calling in at (813) 66SPIKE (813.667.7453). Not only that, but you can also join us in person! We do it at a bowling alley, so you can get food and beer and stuff. Why not? It's good times. If you haven't listened before, you'd be doing us a favor because we're only 189 unique viewers from 2000, a mark we're trying to hit before March 1st because there's a prize or something. I really have no idea.

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