Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nobody respects Amanda's stuff

This is Amanda:
Photo not available
Actually, Amanda didn't want her picture taken. Amanda is an intern where I work. She is the person primarily responsible for the 50/50 drawing, one of many ways in which we raise money for charity. This is her cubicle at work:
This is her base of operations, her central command post where she administrates a pretty big deal. The problem is, nobody respects Amanda's stuff. Check it out...

These are hockey sticks that have been re-purposed as signs, used by ticket sellers to draw attention to themselves. Do you know what the boys in the office use them for when Amanda isn't around? Hockey sticks. And by that I mean they hit and poke at stuff and each other.

This is Amanda's hand sanitizer. It's only hers in that she paid for the bottle. Most of what was inside of the bottle has been used by a guy in the office named Bobby. Bobby has a kind of manifest destiny attitude towards things in the office, even things that most law enforcement entities would not recognize as his. He uses Amanda's hand sanitizer at least twice a day. That means at least twice a day, the office smells like strawberries. Because a man squirts this stuff on his hands.

Amanda has a stash of candy bars in this lower drawer. She uses the candy bars to reward her ticket sellers. They're Payday candy bars. I don't really want to talk about how I know that.

I guess my point is that Amanda has it pretty rough around our office.

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