Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Seeking assistance on a project

Christina is a co-worker of mine and she is a big soccer fan. I am not a soccer fan. She is currently working on trying to complete a sticker album for the upcoming World Cup. It's a book with blanks that you're supposed to fill in with collectible stickers of players, stadiums and logos that you get in packs. My first instinct was to make fun of her for this pursuit, so I did. However, being a collector of baseball cards (among other useless things), my penchant for ridicule faded after I actually looked at her album. Once I saw what it was all about, my inherent collectors' obsessive need to complete sets, which is a severely twisted, highly specific form of OCD, kicked in to a high degree. She could have had an album of war criminals (for all I know, some of those guys are war criminals) and I would NEED to see it completed. Turns out helping a fellow collector experience the thrill of "got 'im, need 'im, need 'im, got 'im, got 'im..." outweighs the desire to point and laugh at how silly soccer is.
She really wants the Cristiano Ronaldo (#523) sticker. When I told her I was enlisting the help of the internet, she said, "Wait, I only need one. What if we get a whole bunch of extras?". I tactfully explained that excess inventory is useful for making trades, duh. Okay, maybe I could have been more tactful. Point is, she gets it now.
Anyhow, here's where we appeal to you: Help us complete this album by either sending us packs of Panini stickers (word is that Walgreens carries them for a dollar a pack) or if you have individual stickers (especially the Ronaldo one) you'd like to give or trade. Let us know either in the comments section or by sending an email to Please help us; if this doesn't work out, we'll have to go to eBay. Thanks!
Actually, I don't want anyone to go out of pocket and jeopardize their financial status. So steal them instead of buying them.
Wait a minute. It's not right to take something that doesn't belong to you without paying for it. Don't steal them. Okay.
How about if you want to send any extra money you might have, we'll spend 75% on stickers and the remaining 25% on cancer. Not pro-cancer but on anti-cancer measures. All right. Yeah, do that. That's better.
She really wants this one.

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