Monday, May 19, 2014

Think twice, speak once

I used to be really bad about opening my mouth without thinking, watching helplessly as stupid words spewed out into the atmosphere to go forth and ruin my life. With maturity (and hard-learned lessons), I've gotten much better about taking a half second to think before I start talking. But old habits die hard.
That's why this happened...

ME: You know, it's been driving me crazy but you look like a movie star.
HER: Oh, right.
ME: No, seriously. A celebrity if not an actual movie star. Somebody famous. I just can't think of who it is. It's driving me nuts.
HER: Wow, I've never had anyone tell me that before! Who do you think it is?
ME: I'm trying to think of it.
HER: I need you to figure out who it is!
ME (to myself, inside my head upon realizing the movie star I've been thinking of is Scott Thompson of Kids in the Hall in drag.): Uh-oh.

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