Monday, April 27, 2015

Listen live tonight: The Goat Cheese Challenge!

Last week on the Spike On The Mic Show, Spike revealed that he did not like goat cheese. Shortly thereafter, he also revealed that he has never had goat cheese. The response to this was the invocation of the most un-arguable mom logic of all time: How do you know if you've never tried it?

So this week on the Spike On The Mic Show, we will be doing The Goat Cheese Challenge. Spike is very excited about it...
Oh, yes we are, Spike. Yes. We. Are.

So tune in tonight, if for no other reason than to listen to a man eat something he's decided that he already doesn't like.

Tonight - Monday, April 27 - 7PM
Listen Live here
or join us in person at Pin Chasers Midtown
4847 N. Armenia Ave

For The Goat Cheese Challenge! 
(ala "Jukebox Hero" by Foreigner)
Goat cheese is good, but Spike disapproves
He likes cow cheese, the animal that moos
He's never tried, cheese from a goat
Be open-minded, swallow goat cheese down your throat

So we're gonna get some Triscuits
Ain't never gonna stop
Maybe even some biscuits
Gonna put some goat cheese on the top

And have a Goat Cheese Challenge, put cheese in his mouth
Do the Goat Cheese Challenge
He'll taste one cracker, Goat Cheese Challenge, cheese way down south
Goat Cheese Challenge, he'll come alive tonight

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