Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A short conversation about taking a stand on difficult issues

"You were really calm and composed during dinner when Sam's nephew 'came out'. That was a really awkward, tense situation and you handled it so maturely. I was really impressed by that."

"Darlene, when it comes to things like that, I just don't care."

"That's admirable. More people should follow your example."

"Well, thanks. But I'm not sure you understand. When I say 'I don't care', I don't mean 'I don't care' while banging on a podium with outrage and indignation, I mean more like 'I don't care' while shrugging my shoulders with ambivalence and boredom"

"Oh. Wait...wait a minute. What?"

"Yeah, I just don't care about stuff that other people do that doesn't directly affect me. So once it was clear that Sam's nephew was gay, but with no intention of having sex with me, I just kinda lost interest in the whole conversation."

"Oh, and why is that? Are you too busy to care?"

"Hmmm, if it's possible to be busy being apathetic, yeah, that's me."

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