Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bit killers

There are people out there who think their mission in life is to make things that are already inherently funny funnier, often doing so by offering far more exposition than necessary.
Those people are wrong.
Those people are what are known as "Bit Killers".
Bit Killers are, maybe not terrible people, but they're at least... misguided. But they are terrible and they do ruin life.
Here's an example of how the terrible Bit Killers ruin life...

My friend Carlos is pretty good at finding funny stuff, like this photo he posted on Facebook recently. He put it out there with a simple caption, because the photo itself is the joke. 20+ people recognized that and expressed their approval by "Liking" it.
That's not enough for the Bit Killer. The Bit Killer can't  resist the siren's call of that blank box at the bottom and is compelled to fill it in with words, meeting the non-existent demand to explain/enhance this joke...

Yes, Bit Killer. Yes they are.
Bit. Killed.
lol indeed.


BOOOM said...

This is funny, because the comment was unnecessary and only pointed out facts that were already known to the audience.

Jeff Hickmott said...

The above comment is really funny because it explains the article we just read, which was about people explaining things we already knew. Isn't that funny?!?!