Monday, January 26, 2015

Speaking of the lotto...

...which we were the other day. Remember?
Yes. Anyway.
I don't play the lotto. I don't have anything against playing. I'm not like those people who say things like, "the jackpot's only $7 million; I'll play when it's worthwhile". Got a clue for you: people who are wealthy enough as to be justified in saying things like "only $7 million" never play the lotto. Or, "why bother; the government takes half your winnings." So, I only get to keep $3.5 million more than I have now? I think I can let that slide. Go ahead, government. Do what you gotta do.
No, for me, I guess it's just one of many, many things I don't get around to.
Well, that, and when I do play, they do this to my tickets...
"Am I winner? I don't really know...KA-CHUNG! Oh wait, there it is. Nope."

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