Friday, January 16, 2015

Whom To Hate This Week - pizza delivery guy vs used car dealers edition

The service industry is generally defined as "made up of companies that primarily earn revenue through providing intangible products and services." But as all-encompassing as that sounds, it's still pretty narrow. The fact of the matter is that everybody who deals with customers works in the service industry, which means just everybody. From time to time, those of us who work in the service industry (aka everybody) have unpleasant interactions with customers. Generally, we try to give them the benefit of a doubt. As ill-tempered or downright rude as they might be, on a primal human being level we still want to believe that they're basically good people who maybe aren't sure about what they actually want or need, or that maybe they're having a bad day. We don't want to believe that they're irredeemable assholes by nature, and we certainly don't want to believe that they're amusing themselves or otherwise being gratified by treating us badly. Because that would make them these people...

Yep, that would make them worthless scumbags sitting around a used car dealer's office, harassing a pizza delivery guy, up to and including threatening to get him fired and with physical assault....over $7.

Thankfully, most customers are not these people. These people work for F&R Auto Sales of Westport, Massachusetts (or "Effin Ahhh" if you live nearby). Their address is 1052 State Rd
Westport, MA 02790 and their phone number is (508) 678-3208. Do not call them every 15 minutes and try to order a pizza because after six or seven times, they will threaten to call the cops on you... at least that's what someone told me...someone else, not me...allegedly.

Also, here's what their Yelp page looks like after word of this incident hit the internet:

"Any place that treats another human like they did deserves to go out of business. Period. Secondly, a used car dealership that audio records itself without consent of parties involved is liable for prosecution at least in my state." 

"Treat people who work for a living like utter crap.  The lardass who says "Im gonna have his job" doesnt need the pizza anyway.  Feel bad for the jackle that lets his sweaty behind crawl on top.  Dude is heinous."

"The people that work here disgust me.  Sadly they appear too stupid to realize how ashamed of themselves they should be."

Don't feel bad; it didn't look so hot before:

"If I could rate it a -100 stars I would. LIES, UNPROFESSIONAL, RUDE, CONDESCENDING. Those are just the nicest of the words I can list for these individuals. Really liked the car but dealt with nothing but lies from Chris their dealer to condescending talk from their unprofessional manager who " Ok Kaitlyned" me constantly. I am now looking into the laws because how do they sell a car and now magically don't have a title for me after taking the CASH which I paid for the car with out of my bank account. They are big scammers from lies about fixing things on my car, to breaking things after i paid for them and not taking responsibility in fixing them, to no title. I would google their reviews because you wont see anything but negative comments and NEVER go there if you want a less stressful experience and honest experience."  - March 6, 2013

"Don't EVER come here. They're a bunch of crooks and will do anything to keep your money and not give it back! My bf put a deposit on a car that's he was going to finance (Chris was the "associate" ) ... A few days later my bf dad called and told him he'd buy him a car so we'd have to go get the deposit back. So I called the dealership since my bf was at work and I told them ( Joe, "manager" ) the situation and the he told me he would write us a check and mail it. One week went by and I never received the check so I called him back and he says it got sent to the wrong zip code ( like, HELLO everything should be on file ) so he told me to wait another week so i did, still no check. I called Joe and he said that'd he'd call me back and he NEVER did so I called him for another two days. I told him that I've been waiting for a check for two weeks and he keeps telling me he's going to get back to me and never does so I want the check today, I swore up and down at him and told him that they shouldn't consider themselves a dealership but a bunch of crooks and right then he told me to pick up the check , well that was easy !!!! And when I went there they asked for no ID, no receipt, no nothing !!!! I could've stole my bfs money and it would've been their fault. These jerks don't know what they're doing. They look like thugs and drug dealers dressed up in suits! BEWARE!!!!!" - May 11, 2013

Of course, a lot of people are calling for all these people to be fired, but I'm not sure that's the best solution. Shitty people working for what appears to be a historically shitty company. Seems like it might be a good idea to keep them all exactly where they are forever and ever, having to exist with each other while struggling to eke out meager commissions for the rest of their pitiful lives. That way they're not scattered to the four winds, eventually landing with other companies that they would undoubtedly ruin with their shittiness. I don't know. We can't kill 'em. The next best thing is containing the shittiness as much as possible.

Also, don't feel too bad for the delivery guy, whose name is Jarrid Tansey. He's going to be just fine.

But at least now you know Whom to Hate This Week.

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