Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I honestly don't know how much of a crossover there is between who reads this blog and who listens to The Spike On The Mic Show, either live or recorded. It might be a lot, it might not be any. At any rate, something came up on last night's (1/19/15) show that I hadn't planned on sharing publicly and for the benefit of those who heard it and are left wondering about it...

I've started doing stand-up comedy.

It's been something I've kept off the radar because I am still very much a novice and need A LOT of work. As with the book and everything else I do or have done, I prefer to have something in working order and with a certain level of polish before springing it on people and this is not quite there yet. It's going pretty well, though. I'm getting LOLZ and I see improvement with each subsequent performance. Established comics with years of experience, especially my pal Tony Gaud, have been very supportive and provided positive feedback. But there remains much more (I can't emphasize that more; Blogger only offers Bold, Italicize and Underline functions for that) to be done. To that end, I'm hitting open mics all over the area, including as far south as Bradenton and Sarasota, every night of the week that I'm not working or otherwise committed. I'm kind of exhausted and am frequently unable to tell which day of the week it is without looking at a calendar (the other day, I was told I look hung over; I took it as a compliment because I wasn't), but hard work is the only way to get good at something. 
So, that's what's happening and now you know.

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