Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Moving update

Welcome to the inside of my head. You must be at least this neurotic to ride: (Pretty damn neurotic)
You'll want to fasten that safety harness and hold on to your wigs and keys. Thanks and try to enjoy your trip (you won't).

The Big Move (TBM) is less than 48 hours away and I am at any given time less than 2 minutes from a full-blown panic attack (as opposed to the usual 5 minutes). What is it about TBM that has me in such a state? Yes, of course I have boxes packed, I have appointments (for movers and cable installer, etc.) scheduled, I have things paid for that need to be paid for (thanks to yet another life saving assist from...well, she know who she be). But guess what? When you're me, that's not enough because what if:
  • I've forgotten some small-yet-essential detail?
  • there's been an error in some of the paperwork?
  • I'm making a huge mistake?
  • even though I made a list and don't think I've forgotten something, it's still possible that I did, right?
  • I'm making several huge mistakes?
  • something goes wrong?
  • I probably didn't forget anything. Right?
  • I'm wrong?
  • something doesn't go wrong...yet?
  • I'm right about being wrong?
  • Oh God, I know I've forgotten something!
  • All of the above, at the same time, sped up 100mph played over and over and over again, iPod shuffle style, at top volume, backwards, in English, French and German. Weeeeee!!

Anyway, thank you for flying Clark International. Please remain seated until the uncontrollable shaking has come to a more manageable level, since it will never ever come to a complete stop. And remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't all out to get you.

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