Friday, July 27, 2007


I had a chance to go see Marilyn Manson in concert tonight and I declined. Not because I dislike Marilyn Manson but basically because I'm lazy. I just didn't feel like going to a concert tonight. For one thing, it was at the amphitheatre clear across town and for another thing, I've attended a couple of concerts lately, where I was designated driver for K & R. This worked out well because they got to see concerts and I got to see them drunk. But I just didn't feel like going out tonight. Going to concerts takes effort and as I mentioned earlier, I am lazy.
But I do enjoy Marilyn Manson. I'm not goth and I don't live anything remotely resembling the lifestyle one would associate with a Marilyn Manson fan (whatever that is). But I kind of dig some of his music and the whole creepy Halloween thing he has going on is very entertaining and I appreciate showmanship. I've worked a couple of Manson concerts and have found that for the most part, the people he attracts, while admittedly scary looking, are actually pretty polite and well-behaved. Plus, I can't explain it but I think he and I could hang out, in spite of our many inherent differences. Like I said, I don't know why I think that, just a gut feeling I guess. But we could probably go out for late breakfast:
ME: Mmm, I think I'll have a Denver omelet, hash browns and coffee please.
WAITRESS: And you sugar?
MARILYN: I would like to defecate on a crucifix and then drink baby's blood from a goblet fashioned out of a human skull.
ME: Marilyn! Dude!
WAITRESS: Uhh, I don't think...Oh dear...I-I mean, I think we're out of...
MARILYN: Relax, I'm just messing with you. Short stack and a glass of whole milk please.
(Everyone laughs)
ME: Ah, I love ya, you crazy, two-different-colored eyes, breast-implanted bastard!
MARILYN: Back atcha!
(Everyone laughs again)
So anyway, if my inner sloth hadn't overridden my inner goth, I wouldn't have minded going to see Manson tonight. My boss went though. He just text messaged me a few minutes ago with the declaration "I am a star in the dope show!! I am a star in the dope show!!". Damn. Once again, I have blown an opportunity to be a star in the dope show.

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