Monday, October 08, 2007

Burn, baby, burn!

The Bronx may not be burning, but some asses there are going to be. Because the New York Yankees are just about finished for the 2007 season (and may in fact be officially done before I finish typing this) and I'm absolutely lovin' it.
How can you not love the fact that a team that spent $199,229,045.00 on player salaries (that's a lot of commas, isn't it? If it's easier, think of it as almost 1/5 of a billion dollars) played exactly four (4) more games than the Devil Rays, who spent $24,124,200.00 (or $3,584,325.00 less than the Yankees pay ONE third baseman, Alex Rodriguez). That's a disparity of $175,104, 845.00, or $43,776,211.25 for each of those four (4) games. Cha-CHING, indeed. Was it worth it? I'm no economist, but I'm guessing not so much.
What could be better? Not damn much. Well, I suppose if the Red Sox and the arrogant, self-righteous snobs who comprise their fan base were out of it, that would be pretty nice too. Those people are just as obnoxious as Yankees fans, maybe even a little more so since they won the World Series a couple of years ago. A while back, I was wearing my "YANKEES SUCK" t-shirt to Skippers when a Sawx fan came up to me and told me how great my shirt was. I said "Thanks, but don't get me wrong; I hate your team too. I can only wear one shirt at a time though".

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