Monday, October 22, 2007


Below is a list of things typed into various search engines that have led people (maybe you) to this blog. Most I understand, others I have no idea what they have to do with what's here. I also don't know what, if anything, this says about me (or maybe you) or this blog, but a lot of people seem REALLY interested in Randy & Paula White, the AC Nielsen Company, Paul Newman and butt plugs and vame here looking for more info. Who knew? So here's the list. Any one of these would be An Excellent Name For A Band, if you're so inclined (I especially like "Barcode Sex Slaves"). Have at it.

three quarters, two dimes, a nickel, and four pennies
ac nielsen
clearwater mattress company
custom butt plugs
nick esasky
orama massage
clearwater mattress commercial
ac nielsen scanner
fiction about being in prison
hate mars volta
conor timmis
what does ac nielsen do?
custom butt plug
free nigerian celebrity naked pictures
skier collision protocol
amazing animal facts
you pass me on the street and sneer in my direction
what do i do if my car has been towed tampa
forget how to read
nick esasky 2007
butt plugs in 24 hours a day
being in prison
consciousness and steroids
what does ac nielsen do
proud to be white-someone finally said it
diner elvis booth tampa
nicko's tampa
what happens when the skin gets burnt
willie sword child florida
ac nielsen blog
lingerie modeling studio
worlds wildest train wrecks
interesting facts about constellation cancer
superman score-you tube
i got a box from ac nielson what is it?
cubs suck merhcandise
a c nielsen blog
vanilli half breed or mongrel
crazy facts about magna charta
hypothetical questions funny
proud lion pub tampa menu
tampa space odyssey 2001 strip club spaceship
inconsistent wear in every fair
what is orama massage
mustang sally gentleman's club
custom butt plug -dvd -video
butt plug walking
the paula white saga
thunderbug on the roof of the forum and ice girls photos
paul newman's email address
butt plugs custom
butt plug and beyond
lingerie tampa drew park
paula white in a bathing suit
nielsen shopping scanner
ridiculously inconsistent ocd
florida survivalist
marilyn manson defecated cross
ac nielsen barcode
karmic questions
brian baschnagel's accident
yoplait pink lids rip off
nontraditional holidays
automatic toilet lid closer
serenade paranoids
aren't you glad to be free free
randy white saga
paul newman(today)
i hate jeeves
nontraditional holiday dinner
inconsistent bumper stickers
tampa news randy white and paula white
brian baschnagel selling boxes
tv for men
charley horses and sodas
amazing lobster facts
cashiering at walmart
do they actually count the pink yogurt lids yoplait
what happened to nick esasky
paula white
emailing paul newman
don't work with children
why we need tabloids
paul newman's email
prostitution tampa bay
roy leep radar
paul newman email
short animal facts
inconsistent toilet flush
can i walk around with butt plug
non traditional ministry homeless
barcode sex slaves
facts about the constellation cancer
randy and paula white saga
dealing with assholes
macaroni noodles clog sink drain
blog working at ac nielsen
70's roller girl shorts
a.c. nielson scanning groceries
tv commercial jump mattress won't spill wine glass
o'rama massage
facts about the dolphin constellation
deep voice monster truck ads
white pride racist e-mail
yoplait pink lids donation thousand

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tampafilmfan said...

Are you for real?? What in the world have you been writing about on this blog??

Either I've missed some of your posts or I'm not reading them very carefully. I didn't know this was THAT kind of a blog. :) :)