Sunday, October 21, 2007

So I've been feeling kind of down

Let's just say that I was putting lists together of pros and cons and one list was easier to fill in than the other and leave it at that.
Anyway, the point of this story is that I went looking for assistance on the web and found several sites that offer it, many of which have chat rooms. I thought it might be good to talk to somebody so I went to one of them. I logged in and got hit with a private message immediately, that went like this (my commentary in italics):

med_man: hello and welcome (Wow, that was prompt! I'm already speaking to a medical professional!)
med_man: what brings you here today? (I answered that I was feeling out of sorts and was hoping to talk with someone about it)
med_man: age, sex and location? (Nothing weird about that; all pertinent info a medical professional might need, so I answered. That was followed by this...)
med_man: are u cute? (uhh...what?)
med_man: wanna see me on webcam? (uhhh...)

Apparently, this is what all chat rooms are now. So the moral of the story is there's help out there if you need it...if you're cute.

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Lisa said...

It's very disturbing that weirdos troll that kind of site looking to prey on people who are not at their strongest, healthiest moment in life.

But you didn't say whether you accepted the webcam viewing opportunity or not. ;) ;)

Please, please, please continue to seek guidance and support, either online or in-person (or both). If you ever want to bend my ear, feel free to email me or we could do lunch or something. Hang in there!