Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Political handouts

Dick Greco is running for mayor of Tampa, an office he has held twice previously. He's already launched his campaign and yard signs are starting to show up around town. They look like this:
Visually striking and very interesting. For one thing, he's eschewing the standard red, white and blue motif favored by many politicians in favor of a color scheme usually associated with warning signs:
Plus, what's with the hand? Well, it sort of goes with "Gimme five", a phrase he's been using in speeches, as in "gimme a fifth term in office". Get it?
Yeah, I get it. Although, I don't know if dredging up a jive-slang phrase from the '70s is the best way for a 77-year-old career politician seeking to connect with a community facing thoroughly modern problems...

"Yeah, I'll give you five, sucka..."
but it does open up some interesting endorsement opportunities...

I see DICK in your future

Forget the hamburger, I'm here to help DICK!

I gobble gobble DICK!

Damn, we're a little out of your jurisDICKtion!

Make a wish...for DICK!

On March 8, 2011, scratch that DICK itch!

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