Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Today's guest author: Ellen Mueller

Our second contribution of the month is from my friend and favorite artist, Ellen Mueller. "It's shameless self-promotion for a show that I'm curating, but it might be of interest to your readers nonetheless", she says. And with that, we happily present...

The 17 Tips Project

This project invited artists to create works in reaction to each of William Powhida's "Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell". Powhida's tips are very sarcastic and satirical, which I found to be especially fun. We posted a tip/prompt each week, starting June 9, 2012 and finishing on October 6th, 2012. To participate, artists were invited to make 1 work of art (any medium) for each tip (that's 17 works - ambitious!). Currently, we're putting together a catalog of the results, and compiling an exhibition that will travel to a variety of venues. William Powhida will be contributing a short essay to the catalog, and our first exhibition opens on Nov 8! Feel free to check out the wide variety of artwork at

WARNING: The blog contains artwork that is NSFW and some may find offensive.

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