Friday, November 09, 2012

Today's guest author: Ronny Elliott

Ronny Elliott blogs as much as he plays music these days, and he's constantly playing music. Somehow he found time to volunteer for a shift as a Blog Sitter.

Nobody ever went into the rock'n'roll business for any purpose other than to pick up girls. Well, maybe Chrissie Hynde or Madonna but you know what I mean. I've been in this racket for almost fifty years and I don't remember ever picking up a girl. I'm pretty sure that I would remember, too. Hope springs eternal, I suppose.

Honestly, rock'n'roll died somewhere back on the highway a long time ago. The music business kept the death a secret for financial purposes but then the music business died, too. Good riddance. I still do what I've always done and, of course, there are rock stars out on the road making lots of money. The Rolling Stones just announced their new tour. That doesn't change anything. Elvis is dead and he still makes a lot of money, too. More than ever, in fact.

It's hard to mourn the loss of something that I loved as much as I did rock'n'roll. It had a fine run. It was probably on life support when Elvis went into the army but the Beatles breathed fire and life into the body and that next wave was bigger than the first. We can argue all day about when it expired just like those boring nuts fight about when it began. Who cares.

What's next? Who knows. I just want to pick up girls.   Ronny's latest album, titled "I've Been Meaning to Write" is available on Amazon, CDBabyiTunes and lots of other places. 

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Ruprecht said...

Interesting post, worthy of debate.

What it did do, however, is make me curious about Ronny Elliott enough to go give his stuff a go ...