Monday, May 13, 2013

The hero we deserve?

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman says he is heading back to North Korea with hope of using his influence as a friend of leader Kim Jong-Un, to secure the release of American hostage Kenneth Bae. Why? Because...

"I'll be back over there. I'm going to try to get the guy out," the heavily tattooed Rodman said in between waving to well-wishers. "It's going to be difficult because I think his nationality, because of his background, I think it's a whole different situation," Rodman said, implying that Bae's Korean heritage raised Pyongyang's suspicions.

The player known as "The Worm" said he has not consulted with US officials about his mission, explaining of his relationship with Kim: "I don't do politics. Like I said, he's my friend, that's it." - AFP, May 10, 2013

Besties Forever!
Oh, and also because "We got a black president -- can't go even talk to him. Obama can't do shit."

Okay then.

Go ahead and chuckle because, well, it's funny. But what if Rodman gets the job done? Clint Eastwood became a mayor, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura became governors, Al Franken became a senator and Ronald Reagan was elected president twice. Who's to say that Dennis Rodman can't be a diplomat? I'm not saying Rodman persuaded Kim to not follow through with his plans for testing his nuclear weapons when he visited him back in March, but those tests haven't happened.

This might have been a factor, too.
 Maybe a pierced-and-tattooed, attention-seeking former NBA all-star with a penchant for crossdressing and snatching rebounds like nobody's business is ideally suited to the role of modern hero. After all, he's as "out there" as any celebrity in recent history and we already know every detail of his backstory. As such, I'd guess that makes him immune to the scrutiny and ridicule you risk enduring if you're someone like Charles Ramsey.


Stella said...

Well, it's nice that he's at least trying, isn't it?

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