Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I think I'm losing my edge

On my drive home the other day, I saw a group of kids on bikes waiting for a gap in traffic so they could cross the street. Between them and the street was a massive mud puddle, the result of a rain shower earlier that day. I slowed down and seeing that traffic was clear, swerved briefly into the other lane to make sure I didn't hit the puddle with my truck and splash muddy water on the kids. I did all of those things subconsciously. It never even occurred to me to speed through that puddle, a fact I realized when I looked in the rear-view mirror in time to see the car behind me absolutely drown those little fuckers. I mean a wall of water easily eight feet high delivered with such force as to knock one of them down, his bike falling awkwardly on top of him. All of them, doused head to toe, swore curses at the driver as he sped off.
This is the kind of missed opportunity that troubles me deeply; all I've got going for me is the entertainment value generated by my poor behavior and ill-informed decision-making. Granted, if I had hit that puddle like that, I would have discovered a pothole three-feet-deep and would have broken an axle or two, but that would be fair. The point is, how am I going to maintain any level of credibility on this blog if I'm not even good at being bad?

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Cheryl Williams said...

Lol. This is "ridiculously" funny yet oddly poignant (feel as though I should light a cuban, stare off into the lawn, and ponder the meaning of it all). Don't fret my friend, you're not losing your edge nor turning into a mindless do-gooder...see there's a fundamental difference between being a baddass and a jackass -- hence, the driver behind you.