Friday, June 21, 2013

Wednesday, we partied

Wow. What a night. Wednesday night, we celebrated the release of my first book, "A Ridiculously Inconsistent Treasury". I didn't drink, but I'm still drunk. You know how people fantasize about being able to attend their own funeral so they can see all the people they love saying nice things about them? This was a lot like that. I hope everybody had as much fun as I did because I honestly did the whole thing as a THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me as a writer over the years in one way or another. At any rate, I now want to write more books... so I can throw more parties.
If you were unable to attend, or if you want to relive it again, here are some photos...
Me and my sister, Renee Warmack. She's one of the people to whom the book is dedicated.

with the lovable Rob Pastore and a plate of food

with Debbie Brooks

Kirk and Marian Moss, Wendy Ernest and Francine Bauer

.My cool musician friends: Ronny Elliott, Rob Pastore and Rebekah Pulley. I'm so hip! Rebekah and Rob played. I can't afford Ronny.

Liz Mulhearn, Laura "The 23-Year-Old" Cheek and Jeff Hartzog

My Raw colleagues: Patty "P=Mac" MacDonald and  John "Johnny Fonts" Fontana

with Jeff Hartzog, the Wizard of Ruth Eckerd Hall and a fellow Sun Dome alum

Spike and Mike: Slater and Pepper. Spike is the host of the "Spike On the Mic Show", Mondays at 8pm at Tune in!

Spike molesting Lynne Austin. This happens a lot.

Me and John Fontana. John and I have worked together for years but had never met face-to-face before  now. I used to liken it to the relationship between Prince and Clare Fischer, the man who did all the string arrangements (Purple Rain, etc.) for Prince's music. They never once met in person, interacting by going back and forth through the mail. So now the relationship between John and me is more like David Byrne and Brian Eno.

Look ma, I'm a sandwich! With Anna Decaria and Dené Williamson. I like to write books!

with Vivienne Brown and Tracy Yarbrough, aka the Ridiculously Inconsistent Players, aka  The RIPs

The RIPs attempt to deal with the problem of a human head stuck in a toilet (read the book).

with Michael "Jordi Scrubbings" Lortz

with Carlos Rosaly. We're both a little freaked out by the idea of people paying actual money for something I made.

Jeff with up-and-coming author Charlene Beverly, who is also a refugee from the ol' Sun Dome.

Oh, look. Somebody is entertaining the crowd with her celebrity impressions. Harumph.

Renee with Donna "If You're On Twitter You Know Her As" Lovebees

Spike, Renee and Lynne. This is Spike's preferred ratio of Spike-to-white women.

Aw, look at all the love. Or something.

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