Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The simple case for good triumphing over evil

I think I'm a pretty simple person and I've never claimed to have a clear understanding of all the factors that go into complex dilemmas, such as the one at the heart of all of mankind's existential angst, the battle between good and evil. That doesn't stop me from thinking about it and coming up with my own conclusions. For me, it breaks down along these lines:

Puppies are the best example I can think of to demonstrate pure goodness. They're motivated by their desires to play, eat and sleep. That's it. There is nothing even slightly malicious about them or what they do. They're also fluffy and adorable. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have these guys:
Nazis, neo or otherwise, are just the worst. They exist to be stupid and hateful and that's all. They're also ugly and decidedly not fluffy. The ugliest, least fluffy puppy ever born is 10 times more adorable and fluffy than Adolph Hitler ever was, even as a baby. That's besides the point though, and should not be factored into this forensic analysis. Still...
Awww, who couldn't love you??
Awww, why couldn't time travel exist so somebody could go back and choke you out?

Now here's why puppies (Good) will always eventually triumph over Nazis (Evil).
Puppies are organic. They're the natural result of the procreation of their species. They've been around for thousands of years and barring an unforeseeable global catastrophe, they'll be here forever. Unless a comet hits the planet or dogs lose interest in having sex (with each other), we will always have puppies.
However, somebody had to come up with the idea of Nazis. There's nothing natural about them. Some guy had to sit down and organize a bunch of shitty thoughts out of his damaged mind into a relatively coherent philosophy. Then he had to go out and find enough people with similarly flawed mindsets to get behind it and turn it into a movement. Somebody had to come up with a logo and sew uniforms and find a place to have meetings, not to mention the printing and distribution of propaganda. That's a lot of work by a lot of people getting together and forcing things to happen. That's not nature. Think of it this way:
Every time any two dogs get together, it usually yields between four to six new adorable puppies. But I would guess that Nazis have to yell at hundreds of a very specific type of people to yield one potential Nazi recruit.
The ongoing propagation of Nazis is simply unsustainable.
I hope that helps you sleep better tonight. I know it helps me.

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