Monday, September 30, 2013

A resolution of sorts

An update on my housing situation: I'm moved into the new place, although the loan still...STILL...isn't closed. So my status has been elevated from "homeless" to "squatter".
We were set to close on Friday but the seller said she wasn't available due to having company in town and they had plans. This caused me... discomfort. I snapped and I informed all parties concerned that I would not spend one more night, let alone an entire weekend, in the hotel. And if that meant the deal was dead, so be it. It was a total bluff since between losing all the money I've already spent plus having nowhere to go, I really didn't have the option of killing the deal. Still, I'd been in a hotel for the better part of a month with my pet cats in a shelter during that same time. While all of us were safe and sound, the idea of having to sustain that less-than-favorable status quo because the seller wanted to take her friends and family to Busch Gardens and Outback Steakhouse instead of signing some paperwork wasn't something I could tolerate. A deal was worked out where I was able to move into the house, after agreeing not to burn it down or sue anybody if I fell in the shower and broke my leg of course. I went and got the cats and here we all are now. It's unfortunate that nothing seems to get done when I'm being patient and compliant, that it takes anger and yelling and threats to move things along but that's what we are.

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