Friday, June 13, 2014

Problem: Solved!

If you owned a boat that had the problem of constantly sinking and people were constantly drowning as a result, a way to deal with an annoyance like that is to issue those inflatable arm floaties. Because after all, boats don't drown people.
A similar solution to the school shooting problem is this, the bullet-proof blankie.
Bang! Nailed it! Err, so to speak...
Home run! This is it, the big idea. Since 'duck and cover' saved us from all those nuclear strikes in the '50s, there's no reason an updated version of it shouldn't protect us from the occasional three-times-a-week school shooting. Once you come up with the best idea possible, you cancel all your meetings and go have celebratory drinks at the corner pub. Do you think the guys who invented the microwave kept looking for a better way to heat a burrito?

I shouldn't make fun. I mean, kudos to the guy who invented it for at least doing something, since the rest of us are never going to. It's not a bad idea, even though it's not a solution to the problem. It's something, which is better than nothing and nothing is all we've been offered up until now. Because having a reasonable conversation between adults where both sides are at least willing to agree that there's a problem is too hard. And considering any kind of flexibility that could be looked at as a sacrifice (aka "a loss", aka "pussing out") is simply off the table altogether.

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